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The Rehabilitation Team at Beach Terrace brings hope, perseverance, resourcefulness, creativity and dedication to our residents. 

Beach Terrace's renowned rehabilitative services have assisted residents in recovering from post stroke, falls that require hip or knee replacement, traumatic brain/spinal cord injuries, and other incapacitating illnesses. Beach Terrace offers speech, occupational and physical therapy, returning residents to their original level of function. The rehabilitation department provides services based on the recommendations of each resident's physician. 


We enable residents to take back control and aim for independence.  Success is due to our team approach. We work to motivate our residents so that they want to succeed. Together we find ways to adapt function to their abilities and to help them achieve more than they thought they would.

"I am pleased and blessed being here.  The nursing staff is very proactive.  They identified a medical condition and I was able to get better.  I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and was admitted to Beach Terrace on oxygen.  The rehabilitation staff at Beach taught me how to breathe again.  After only a few weeks of rehab and being taught breathing techniques I no longer needed the oxygen.  There is very good skilled nursing care here and very good activities.  I would definitely recommend Beach Terrace."

- Barbara O., Resident

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