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Jul 5, 2022

This directive is intended to heighten awareness among residents and their families as to the availability of certain compliance information maintained by the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) with regards to residential health facilities.

Both the NYSDOH and CMS maintain information on nursing homes that includes performance on quality measures, complaints, inspection results, and citations and enforcement actions, as well as any penalties imposed on the nursing home. CMS has created a tool called Care Compare to help consumers search for and select nursing homes and other health care providers and the NYS DOH maintains a web site called Nursing Home Profiles.

According to CMS, the information it maintains on nursing homes should be used with other information you gather about providers and facilities in your area. In addition to reviewing the Care Compare information, you should talk to your doctor, social worker, or other health care providers when choosing a provider. Additional tips for selecting a nursing home can be found in CMS’s guide to selecting a nursing home:

The Nursing Home Compare website maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can be accessed below:

The New York State Nursing Home Profiles website maintained by the New York State Department of Health can be accessed below:

On the NYSDOH site, select the nursing home by name after selecting the appropriate Region/County from the dropdown menu, and open the Inspections tab to view any Complaints, Inspection results including any citations, and any enforcement actions against the nursing home.

The Nursing Home Compare website maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can be accessed below:

On the CMS Care Compare site, enter the name of the nursing home in the search box. Click on the name of the nursing home to view Inspection results as well as any penalties that have been imposed.

Additional Disclosures

1. Disclosure in accordance with Section 2829(1) of the New York State Public Health Law Maximum Rates for Residency and Services effective January 1, 2021:

Medicare: $628 - $1469

Private: $325

Managed Care: $260 - $735

Medicaid: $249

2. Disclosure in accordance with Section 2829(2)(a) of the New York State Public Health Law Ownership of the Facility:

Leibel Rubin

Martin Zwick

Abraham Weiss

3. Disclosure in accordance with Section 2829(2)(b) of the New York State Public Health Law Name and Business address of the Landlord of the Facility’s Premises:

640 West Broadway, LLC

640 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561


4. Disclosure in accordance with Section 2829(2)(c) of the New York State Public Health Law Summary of Contracts for Goods and 

Services Paid for with Medicaid or Medicare Funds:


*Related Party, **Direct Labor

Towne Nursing **

Impeccable Care Solutions**

New Solutions Nursing **

Terrific Agency**

Ideal Services, Inc. **

American Express **

Horizon Care**

640 Broadway LLC



Aflac New York

Agri Star Meat and Poultry

All One Source

American Express

American Plan Administrator

Andrews Technology

AP Construction, Inc.

Approved Storage Waste

Aqua Custom Creations

Arjo Inc.

Aura Electrical Supplies

Bank of Leumi


Bio Diagnostic Labs

Bluemark, LLC

C&H Signal


Citi Security**

Compu VOIP

Country Boy Bakery

Dagim Tahorim Co

Dentserve Dental Services

Dermarite Industries

E&M Ice Cream

Eastern Bag & Paper

Evergreen Waste Corp.

Federal Express

Filta Clean Co.

Franczoz Kosher Bakery

Gerardo Landscaping

Gerimedix Inc.

Guardian Consulting

Hichview National Inc.

HomeCare Therapies

Hub International

Jamma Consulting


Lawrence Supply,Inc.

Long Island Psychiatry

Martin Friedman

Med-Net Compliance

National Grid

NY Power Authority


One OTR, Inc.



Pitney Bowes Credit

Pollak's Bakery

Prime Rehab Corp.

Prionsafe, LLC


Purity Plus

Qualmax Supplies

RLR Supplies, Inc.


Ready Fresh

Recreation Clerical**

Reflex Rehabilitation

Reliable Health Systems

Religious Kitchen

Ronbar Laboratories

Schrier Food Service

Specialty Rx

Staples Advantage

T-Mobile Wireless

Tannen Contracting

Target Exterminating

TGI Office

The Church Bulletin


Upstate Dairy Farms



West Side Foods, Inc.

Yorkville Coffee

Your Arts Desire

Zimmet Health Care Services Group

Zion Health Solution



640 West Broadway
Long Beach, NY 11561

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