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Beach Terrace has twelve staff members in our recreation department. They run six programs at the same time to meet the needs of the different types of residents we serve. Programs change every 45 minutes throughout the day, from 9:45 AM, ending with a movie or another activity at 6:15PM. This way there is no lack of things to do.


The recreation staff at Beach Terrace provide programs that meet the needs, capabilities and interests of the very diverse population who lives at our facility.  From our youngest resident at 22 years old to our oldest at over 100 years old, we provide something for everyone.

"I’ve been here since 2006.  My family lives on Long Island and I moved here so I can be closer to my family.  I love it here.  We go on trips like bowling and swimming.  The food is good, and the nursing staff take good care of me."

 - Sal Prinzivalli, Long-Term Resident

Our recreation team works with each resident and family to tailor programs to their individual likes and interests.  It is the goal of our recreation program to keep each resident interested, to keep their mind active, and to keep them in touch with the world and the community.  Remembrance, reality and orientation programs are offered daily.

There is a large variety of programs offered at Beach Terrace.  Examples include exercise, cognitive retraining, parties, current events, games, cooking, men’s and women’s clubs, arts and crafts, and movies.  Many trips are scheduled for the enjoyment of our residents to restaurants, the local pool and gym, the beach, movie theatres, and more.  Therapeutic programs are provided to include sensory stimulation for cognitively impaired residents who have been shown to benefit from positive touching, massage and tactile stimulation.

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