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Beach Terrace Care Center proudly houses a 79-bed Neurobehavioral Unit.  It is the mission of our program to provide rehabilitation services to individuals with significant behavioral difficulties resulting from neurological impairment.  Our program's goal is to deliver care in a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment to assist our residents in reclaiming a place in society.  The sense of caring, community and common good that results provides our residents, and staff alike, with the positive self-regard and a mutual respect that is essential to a successful partnership.

At Beach Terrace's Neurobehavioral Program we employ interventions that emphasize positive approaches to modify problem behaviors. New learning is best acquired under conditions that reinforce desired behavior as opposed to just suppressing undesirable ones. We gear Intervention toward the identification of adaptive skills and the consistent use of positive recognition for each [positive/desirable] occurrence.  Through our program our residents learn the skills they need in a way that promotes dignity and self-esteem, and fosters a spirit of teamwork between residents and staff.

Beach Terrace Care Center strives to provide our residents with a rehabilitation experience that successfully prepares them for discharge into an independent setting.  For some residents this requires training so they can return to community-based living situations.  While the specifics of each individual discharge may vary, a fundamental set of skills may be needed so a return to community living can be successful.  Residents may function differently along the way while they master skills, but the goal is always to maximize individual performance for success upon discharge.

"I had a brain tumor.  I had been in a facility for 10 years after surgery and was in two other places before coming to Beach Terrace.  I have been here for 4 years.  The facility is clean, the food is good, the nurses are nice.  I go out on passes with my family and on trips.  And they have helped me speak properly, use a computer, and go to group therapy to talk.  They take good care of me at Beach Terrace."

- Tom G., long term resident


  •    vocational skills
  •     life skills
  •     addiction support
  •     stress and anger management
  •     money management
  •     psychosocial wellness
  •     cooking club
  •     adult academics.

Neurobehavioral Unit

Programs include:

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